Poems translated by John Taylor

John Taylor has translated numerous French-language poets into English, including Philippe Jaccottet, Pierre Voélin, Catherine Colomb, Jacques Dupin, Pierre-Albert Jourdan, Pierre Chappuis, and Georges Perros. His translations have been awarded grants and prizes from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Sonia Raiziss Charitable Foundation, and the Academy of American Poets. His most recent collections of poetry and poetic prose are The Dark Brightness (Xenos Books), Grassy Stairways (The MadHat Press), and Remembrance of Water and Twenty-Five Trees (Bitter Oleander Press). Born in Des Moines in 1952, Taylor has lived in France since 1977.

  • Trás-Os-Montes

    Tiny and bent over
  • From The Little Book of Passage

    Ecco il fiume che mi allarga lo sguardo, che mi attraversa la fronte.
  • What We Work At | Look to the Side

    What we work at
  • from The Violet Blood of the Amethyst

    An exceptionally unhappy heart.
  • Pour Ainsi Dire

    Drinking. What is boozing? If not a liquid manner of corresponding, thanks to wine,