Frannie Lindsay

The Barn
December 14, 2015 Lindsay Frannie

The Barn


No one just Mary

whose dreams are unspecial as pigeons

and who never went to school

keeping the secret in her own mud heart

safe there in her handmade heart

after the huge neutral wingedness

scatters the hay and flurries up

all the hay-colored moths after

each of her fingers blossoms from trembling

though she wishes it wouldn’t

though she wishes she could go back

to her sad easy chores

to the ache in her shoulders

she cannot get rid of

and that she could ignore

the summoning in response to her


Frannie Lindsay’s fifth volume, If Mercy, was released by The Word Works in 2016. Her work appears in Best American Poetry 2014, Ted Kooser’s column American Life in Poetry, and Poetry Daily, and was awarded  the Missouri Review prize. She is a classical pianist.