Issue #54 January 2016

  • Daneen Wardrop: Cyclorama & Reginald Dwayne Betts: Bastards of the Reagan Era

    It is a strange irony that despite all of our war documentaries, battle reenactments, and tourist traps, the American Civil…

    Book Review
  • Dick Allen: Of Mountains, and Bird’s Nest Soup, and Charles Lindberg

        Of Mountains, and Bird’s Nest Soup, and Charles Lindberg   Someplace in my life, in the back of…

    Featured Selection
  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 54 –   January: And why not bid farewell to the holidays, happy as…

    Editors Note
  • On the Banks of the Allegheny

    We had started over again—
  • YOUR PROBABILITY AMPLITUDE | A fragment from The Llatease of Homey, from a recently discovered Mycenaean text.

    I glance and
  • Two Views of Bercy

    It seems that the sun has stopped and will move no more
  • The Barn

    No one just Mary

    I’ll call you nowhere, now
  • Ferns  | Cycle

    Wind thrums
  • Lily of the Forest

    On the slopes of Mt. Ślęża, the cult
  • For a Theophoric Figure

    Strange how first things dawn on us
  • Revolver

    His face was a festival.  Inside it,

    He was a tall man on the edge of the couch
  • Mass Production

    The wheel was always reinvented,
  • I Became Friends | When I Was Fifteen | I Can Recall

    I became friends with a girl who was in the institution with me, also fifteen, also getting shock treatment, a girl who