Category / Issue #1 July 2011


The point at which an object must be situated in order to be well defined. * The situation in which a point can be defined as an object. * Clipped nonce? Far-flung. * Hibiscus can think purple whorls around us


I pet my pet, I fear my fear, I torment my torment, I wear my wear, I tear my tear, I comb my comb, I brush my brush, I hush my hush, I quiet my quiet, I touch my touch,


If I told you simply that the bed in the Baptist Hospital Last occupied by Cora Stokes is empty again, And the patient didn’t go home, you’d be likely Not to feel much interest.  So I’m adding here The news


Our little vacation town in Spain is packed.  The driving, slow. Things have changed since we were here seven years ago, when there were no fancy condos or golf courses.  We come out of the internet café, and our rental

The Lesson

It seems to me you don’t dare express yourself as you feel.  I’d been playing his nocturnes: left hand, dark current; the right, submerged lights. A velvet drape was sometimes drawn, but today he stepped out on the balcony, above

Late Portrait

Dried flowers everywhere. Greeting cards. China plates hung on walls, showing a scene from Madame Butterfly, a blacksmith shoeing a dappled stallion, happy serfs clinking tankards at a country inn. Three sets of ceramic wind chimes hanging from a lighting

A Nocturnal Upon Saint Charles…

Here comes that sonic boom thumping at the chest like a kickdrum the first and final beat of a tune called Too Late. Ever too late the event reveals its narrative to the sense ever too slow on the uptake,

The Hardworking Man

1. On the island where I grew up, the hardworking man is the ideal man.  The hardworking man is both master and slave, boss and lackey, hunter and hunted.  Let’s go! he says to himself every morning as he rushes

A Back Road Near Calais, 1961

A Back Road Near Calais, 1961 The phonograph, did it have a fleur-de-lys funnel? And the dancers, at least two couples, right? The men with ripe bellies and suspenders, The women Piaf-tiny or robust in gingham.   We slowed into

Poem for Shang Qin

I’ve been digging my way toward you since the day I was born. I watch the lamplight outside my window turn to diamonds and think of you. A dog barks in my sleep, and I dream of you eating figs

Today’s Comedy

Why Dante in summer? Why not?  The doctrine of purgatory’s not more strange than nanotubes or Tang.   I used to know its ins and outs. What we’ve abandoned grows higher than trashheaps   in Naples.  My love canal’s clean