Issue #19 January 2013

Guy Mendes
“Creation Myth, Washington County”
from Signs & Wonders

  • The Caravaggio Room

    Yuck, you heave in front of that sick boy
  • Without Apology

    Things happen. We’ve been promised
  • Seventh Circle

    And after the fight the moment of awakening
  • Ars Poetica, with Cow

    She went back to look at the beast, which lay immobile except for one eye watching the girl who stood helpless beside
  • Poem with Allusions

    The thoughts that come on little cat feet
  • On Either Side of the Word Lie

    The letters that must be taken away
  • Wolf

    Ink black, shark toothed, slithering
  • Morgellons

    Jorge Luis Borges translated Thomas Browne
  • My Lovely Garonne

    Because every tenth poem or so the poet described
  • The Birthday Ceremony

    Seventeen rooms of long maroon
  • Spectacle | Dear Bathtub | Freeway

    Your eyewear and my eyewear,
  • Purity | A  Withered  Rose

    Amazing solitude.
  • The Gifts

    The closet where the black sweaters hang. Where the game of backgammon is played