Issue #21 March 2013

Christopher Maynard

  • Glare

    It just goes so fast,
  • Indelible

    Having worn myself out naming Bewick's wren,
  • Ars Poetica

    The shell of the papershell pecan can easily be broken
  • An Intimate Moment of Protestant Despair Witnessed on the Four O’ Clock Train

    He put down his Wall Street Journal,
  • Hiroshima Bomb

    Confetti spirals flutter into dark green.
  • Imaginary Conversation | In the Orchard

    You tell me to live each day
  • Vernissage

    Survivors of a volcanic explosion, cross-
  • A Love Poem While Dissolving

    I’m trying to say I love you, but Buckminster Fuller declared
  • Early Elegy: Telephone Booth | Early Elegy: Cursive

    Its remains: a plexiglass crypt robbed
  • The Alone-Doors

    Don’t try this at home.
  • Taxidermy: A Translucent Love Poem

    We are bound inside of the taxidermied falcon.
  • Letter to a Young Orgasm | Elegy for the Last Orgasm | The Orgasm and the Magic Maid

    How could she not cry out when you pressed her to your flesh?
  • Kyoto, Without Me

    chills and goes dark.  At this very instant
  • Sarah Arvio: eleven poems from night thoughts: 70 dream poems & notes from an analysis

    eleven poems from night thoughts:  70 dream poems & notes from an analysis from a word to the reader: night…

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