Issue #27 September 2013

  • Aspect

    The spirit’s simulacra have obtained
  • George Orwell Sucks

    How can a word evocative of so much pleasure,. both adult and infantile, find itself used – by almost everybody – in
  • Fat

    I saw that I was fat and walked and walked toward a desert only to find a case of (not light) beer.
  • I’ve Lived Long with the Dead | The Word Stays Here

    I’ve lived long with the dead. I know their
  • Leopard Goes Through Hell Villanelle

    When I am sober my brain calls me names. 

  • January in West Texas

    Once, I preferred nights. How they arrived one tied to the next like silk scarves, knots of daylight between them. I
  • Dear Reader Are You Having a Good Day?

    Dear reader are you having a good day?
  • True Bug | I Will Be Good

    I’ve been talking to a bug all winter.
  • Bookish | Brush Your Fingers Through Your Hair, Why Don’t You?

    The bookishness that
  • Polaris Mall

    February,  9:37 p.m.  Two Canada geese,
  • Last Words

    If only for those you leave behind,
  • At the End of the Alphabet

    Books bloated and fanned
  • Bruce Smith by Bruce Smith

    By way of introduction to this month’s “Featured Selection,” first a brief introductory essay – or rather a self-interview by…

    Featured Selection