Issue #3 September 2011

  • Showering Behind the Zodiac’s Curtain

    When blue hangs around me, I am
  • Thinly Veiled

    In Alabama I learnt the difference between the state flag and the battle flag
  • Here at the Scene

    How will I tell her particular tale
  • Che Fai Di Bello

    They are burning the fields in

    Why does the line end sooner than the page?
  • It Happened at Wind Sings, Trees Whisper Farm

    The wind, broken and wild,
  • Fado Tropical

    O mundo do rio
  • The Unmet Lover

    Once I saw you in a freight elevator
  • On Contemplating a Sheep’s Skull

    Skull aged so much in rain and heat,
  • Powder

    Yesterday I opened your pill box, and there
  • The Third Sequence: Time

  • Small Hut

    I know you only in echo,