Issue #5 November 2011

  • The Ant’s Plunder

    When I stuck out my hand to grab the iron door handle, a hidden ant attacked my right
  • My Heart in Evening

    In the evening one hears the sharp shrieks of bats.
  • The Death of Erik Satie

    The arches aspire to points
  • Rare Moment

    A clear choice
  • Three Fascinations

    to wake to an alarm
  • The Gone and the Going Away

    The world I know keeps going farther
  • Tiger Story

    Somewhere during my first or second year a tiger came into my life
  • An Oracle

    Why does the line end sooner than the page?
  • Home-Boys: Baby & Me (a Sapphic)

    Ex-gang members. Driveby days over. Zero
  • from Landscapes on a Train

    There once was a church. There once was a steeple. These things fall into
  • from “From Nothing”

    One note, another, in the parlor’s angled light,
  • News from Nowhere

    The sea handles laundry