Issue #72 July 2017

  • No Small Wonder: Klaus Merz

    Translated and with an Introduction by Marc Vincenz           “And if you have an eye for…

    Featured Selection
  • Editor’s Note

    July: and, given the length and discursiveness of last month’s note, a reprieve, Reader: the briefest of remarks this time…

    Editors Note
  • Patricia Smith: Incendiary Art

    It seems fitting, if lamentable, that the poetry community must celebrate Gwendolyn Brooks’s centenary during the ever-mounting tensions of Trumpism,…

    Book Review
  • small town saxaphone

    men in rain, thin and fine halos of hair,
  • She Dog | Mermaid

    A ticky rain of blood from

    In an ancient park, isolated and icy,
  • How to Get Divorced

    STEP 1: For 20 years, swallow everything. Eat until you are the heaviest pillow on the
  • A Lean-to at the End of the Galaxy

    You fire a fiction deep into my brain
  • It’s Not Your Fault

    The brass lamp in your window,
  • Paper

    Damned if I’ll be the woman who collects mass produced throw pillows counts her
  • Death of God

    Bituminous was so soft, so much like dust

    We are six strangers gathered
  • Mark Scroggins: Poetry as Wallpaper: In (Ambiguous) Praise of Low-Intensity Poetics

    Poetry as Wallpaper: In  (Ambiguous) Praise of Low-Intensity Poetics   There are many William Morrises. For Marxists, he is a…

    Essays and Comment
  • Flowers in a Vase

    The dahlias' unopened buds poke like periscopes above their clownish mass
  • The Headless Horseman | A Tune for Theremin Vox

    The messenger was so dead they sent him
  • Poem with Ginger in it

    This rough hooked lump, this botched