Issue #97 September 2019

Martin Orr, “Beach Therapy”

  • Lea Graham reviews Michael Anania’s “Nightsongs & Clamors”

    IT’S ABOUT TIME       This past June marks the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Michael Anania’s first…

    Book Review
  • Hailey Leithauser Interviewed by Amy Beeder

    Oh What Worms They Are: An Interview with Hailey Leithauser by Amy Beeder
    Featured Selection
  • Suspense, Suspension, and the Sublime in the Poetry of Robert Frost

    Suspense, Suspension, and the Sublime in the Poetry of Robert Frost     Robert Frost was a sublime poet who…

    Essays and Comment
  • No Selfies For Mary & Pater Noster

    In the mausoleum shadow, eye-mopping mother, O Mary,
  • Magical Thinking

    My dog does not question
  • The Human

    In the interim I will find a way to feel at home with the animal
  • Buckley, Friman & Barbarese et. al.

    Christopher Buckley on “Post-Structuralism” Well, my title is freighted with irony, of course . . . never a subscriber to…

    Editors Note
  • 3:14 PM

    This blue pen I am holding
  • Rain Sonnets

    When the bear finally arrives, he’s starving. He wants whatever’s in my little blue basket, the Tupperware and the
  • My Father Was a Honey Bee

    My father was a honey bee He buzzed and buzzed
  • What We Do with What We Are

    I did not get better.
  • So What

    My mind’s a ringing phone

    Flumes of the late night
  • I’ll Be Fine

    Give or take, without my books
  • Post Structuralism

    But the first idea was not to shape the clouds
  • Swan Song

    I admit. In the beginning
  • Divorce Party Bonfire

    As in a secret rite