Jeffrey Skinner

I Offer This Container
March 9, 2014 Skinner Jeffrey

I Offer This Container


Monkeys of fresh rage born again—

Measuring brings them into existence

Guy with Bluetooth & sunglasses

I wish poetry would just relax


I’ve searched for the arbitrary

Kleenex, butterscotch, key,

Lips, crushed toe, sanitary wipe;

But everything’s tagged for eternity


Can’t believe the rush of this chapter’s

Pieces, interlocking at velocity—

Touch of Christ’s garment,

Med tech’s hand in the ambulance


At some point all time becomes available

I offer this container for reuse

Jeffrey Skinner‘s new book of poems, Sober Ghost, will be out in May of 2024.   Other of his work appears most recently in Volt and Action, Spectacle.