Issue #33 March 2014

  • Cigar Box Banjo

    Blind Willie Johnson could coax
  • Old Sweater | Alongside

    On November 21, in late afternoon, I open the bottom drawer of my bureau
  • Ancestors

    Farther back than my grandmother
  • The Plumber is Here

    The plumber is here
  • Song of The Hoarse Bullhorn Holder

    I eviscerated Vince, my prized pig, to calm the churning sea
  • Sleep

    There is a room, and inside the room
  • First Wedding

    It was one of those days when not even the bland sun
  • Speculation on the Absent God

    As if abandoned
  • (…) | In Your Land

    Let your heart beat like a gnat in an autumn lamp,
  • I Offer This Container

    Monkeys of fresh rage born again—
  • Butchering the Ram | James Cameron Descends into Lake Baikal

    And while traveling the transcendental path of non-violence,
  • Raccoon in a Trap

    The kidskin of his clever paws
  • David Baker and Page Hill Starzinger: Concentric Circles

          Concentric Circles:  Page Hill Starzinger David Baker:  You are a poet and you are a business woman. …

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