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Featured Selection: Our Back …

This month’s special Featured Selection marks a departure both from the usual format (interview with the chosen poet and its content of new work from him or her. Instead, to celebrate our five-year anniversary – 60 issues! – we cast

Editor’s Note

Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 60 –     July: and I write tonight drenched in the news coverage of the death of Muhammad Ali  — Ali, who, apparently, was always universally admired, no — adored, and never more

Book Review: Adrian C. Louis

In this month’s installment, reviews editor Adam Tavel examines an elegiac collection that explores loss, race, and alienation.         Random Exorcisms by Adrian C. Louis Pleiades Press $17.95, 78 pages published March 2016 Grief and irreverence rarely


The last time my father returned from work there was just enough daylight left for me to watch his shadow follow on the street. I was coming home from the beach to meet him as usual and I can still

Three Poems

In the rainy sub- tropics of my child- hood, horse latitudes of dreams, of handmade wishes, I would try to dream of snow-fields. But they failed to be- come real as I lay on my sweaty sheet after we’d all

Two Poems

SPUN   As sadder than ever may represent the new among today’s offerings.   *   As representation is magical spun straw.   *   After what passes for thought, she leans forward, extracts a honey flavored cough drop from


Who hath put wisdom in the inward parts?                                     —Book of Job   Take a seat. All you need to know is, I am The DA, judge, and jury in one, a justice System. I investigate even nano-whispers Of complaint

Three Orgasm Poems

The orgasm wants to be famous   She thinks success would be her best revenge. It’s not enough for her now, merely to be alive. Or to feel bliss in brief moments. No, she wants to be seen. Known. She

“The Quarry, Pontaise”

Pissarro, 1875   To enter into the greens of this picture— forest, emerald, jade– is to drown in the bristle of pine needles or in leaves that are more than leaves the way landscapes in dreams are more than themselves,


Every beauty barbed, from the tiniest mites Beading the Spanish Moss in a drapery of bites   To these dark lawns aquiver with itches. The night buzzes And pops like a power surge   Through a fluorescent tube. Unmoving I


It is only playing Words With Friends that I see what has been there all along— why men are afraid of us if we are more than one, why we are afraid of each other. I place my W above OMEN and

Clues from the Animal Kingdom

In real life it’s the living who haunt you. Franz Wright   It seems you’re here again, pitching the weight of the bruise you call a body against the world that eludes you.   Or is it the sky, ethereal,

80 Words for Rosmarie Waldrop …

  sojourner intuit investivagation florescence flip bodilihood engesture rereproduction clamp insoupiance cluster bookish trans(n)actional alien counteralienation mmirrorr traffic transmogrification crystalime tongued hanky sobriquet bordering boding brooding bents bristle languagish scoot scrum f(r)iction beauty arrowtics perspicuously twinnings rhymings trimmings fillllings disrequited

Ruler of Everything

The Ruler of Everything proclaims blood-colored the new royal hue. The Ruler of Everything urinates boldly, annointing the world of visible things. The Ruler of Everything’s searing gaze is a white hot ray of prey-fascination, yet he’s prone to explosions

Two Poems

“Three Dances” [from Godhra Poems]     In North Carolina on the television in my brother’s house   a silhouette with an iPod danced against a background hot pink   It took me back to Bali and a shadow puppet