Issue #60 July 2016

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    This month marks a departure both from the usual format (interview with the chosen poet and its content of new work…

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    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 60 –     July: and I write tonight drenched in the news coverage…

    Editors Note
  • Adrian C. Louis: Random Exorcisms

    Grief and irreverence rarely align in poetry. We have our wistful poets and we have our witty poets, conventional wisdom…

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  • LATE

    The last time my father returned from work
  • Three Poems

    In the rainy sub-

    As sadder than ever
  • Prequel

    Take a seat. All you need to know is, I am
  • Three Orgasm Poems

    She thinks success would be her best revenge. It’s not enough for her now, merely to be alive. Or to feel bliss in brief
  • The Quarry, Pontaise

    To enter into the greens
  • Florida

    Every beauty barbed, from the tiniest mites

    It is only playing Words With Friend
  • Clues from the Animal Kingdom

    It seems you’re here again, pitching the weight of the bruise you call a body
  • 80 Words for Rosmarie Waldrop at 80

  • Ruler of Everything

    The Ruler of Everything proclaims blood-colored
  • Three Dances | Early Warning System

    In North Carolina