Issue #131 July 2022

Michal Dyjuk, from Cows can smell the scent of death

  • Contemporary Romanian Poets compiled by Radu Vancu

    Danny Lawless’s generous invitation for a Romanian presence in Plume placed in an awful embarras de choix: there is so…

    Featured Selection
  • Odyssey to the Self: Seven Minutes with Susan Rich and Nancy Mitchell

    When my mother took out the small skillet, black and flecked
  • Sven Birkerts on “The End” by Mark Strand

    I don’t know why this should be, but I find that many important things—I think of them as personal messages—come to me obliquely.
    Essays and Comment
  • Hassain, Schwartz, Hardwick, et. al.

    Jahangir Hossain on writing “Lover Rain”: The year was 2015/2016. I was present at the Saturday Literature Chat of the…

    Editors Note
  • David Baker’s “Whale Fall” reviewed by Chelsea Wagenaar

    If in W.S. Merwin’s “For a Coming Extinction” the whales are on their way “to The End,”
    Book Review
  • Leprechaun

    The old woman next door would appear in
  • On Breathing and Not Breathing—The Sequence

    Once, a man stopped breathing
  • Hello, July 5th!

    The morning is full of embarrassed flowers
  • Two poems by Silvia Guerra, translated from Spanish by Jesse Lee Kercheval and Jeannine Marie Pitas

    Pray gather me, Anemone
  • The Magician and HER

    This is how you peel back layers of bees
  • From A Line By Kawabata

    A solitary shadow in stillness
  • grief being a swatch of blue & grief being that song from childhood & grief being a pitched tent

    a rectangle in an unborn son’s room
  • Sitting on an Old Bedspread Under an Oak Tree, Watching My Son’s Soccer Practice

    For reasons I can’t explain
  • The Daughter and 6AM

    I wish I had another chance
  • Memento Mori: Northern White Rhinos

    They are grey, big as boulders,
  • Poem by Jahangir Hossain translated from the Bengali by Lloyd Schwartz with Jahangir Hossain

    I’ve come again—
  • The dream and Useless is as useless doesn’t

    For awhile I had a drawer full of electronic stuff,
  • PROTECT YOUR HOME (Interpret It Well), a short film with music by Ches Smith

    The composition has two movements, one slow and one fast.