Issue #135 November 2022

Ai Weewei, Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn, 1995

  • Two poems by Sandra Moussempès, translated from French by Carrie Chappell and Amanda Murphy

    A house stands out from the rest of the forest, emptied of its occupants for centuries
  • THE SOUND BOAT by Judith Vollmer reviewed by Linda Johnston Muhlhausen

    What’s the poor reviewer to do, faced with trying to do justice to a volume of poetry as gastronomically and symphonically generous as Judith Vollmer’s The Sound Boat?
    Book Review
  • In conversation with the world: Three poems & an interview with Vivek Narayanan, by Leeya Mehta

    In conversation with the world Three poems & an interview with Vivek Narayanan, by Leeya Mehta     “My theory…

    Featured Selection
  • ROOM AT THE TABLE by Charles Coe

    A Sunday afternoon in fall, after a big lunch, sitting with my father watching football, our favorite way of spending time together.
    Essays and Comment
  • Chappell & Murphy, Bakken, Moss, et. al.

    Carrie Chappell and Amanda Murphy on translating Sandra Moussempès: The feminist and multi-voiced dimensions of Sandra Moussempès’ work inspired us…

    Editors Note
  • Sign Language I & II translated by Kareem Abu-Zeid

    It’s not that I
  • The Afterlife of Breath

    My father dead on the gurney
  • Musée des Beaux Arts 

    Look at the science, already. 
  • Imperial Crimson

    There is no way I can write ‘producing meanings’ as my job in the CV,
  • Rizal Stadium, World War II

    He was almost home, poor guy.
  • Yet Another Life

    And then one day I was no longer up
  • Trudy Cooks Fish and The General

    The fish seemed fresh that night, as if they’d been caught off the coast near Zanzibar
  • A Hole in My Backyard

    I get very nervous, I admit.
  • Coattails

    When I was eighteen, I wanted to write a screenplay based on my father’s life: from his birth in poverty, how his family gathered around one scant meal a day of potatoes and onions
  • Quickies in Widowhood with three instances of laughter (one not narrated), two instances of crying

    Amid the whiteness of cheeses, corn puffs,
  • White Zinfandel

    Again last night I dreamed the dream called Waiter.
  • A Brief Portfolio

    I said goodbye to a friend who left a hole filled