Issue #22 April 2013

  • Halloween

    It is as quiet as the death of the dead no one knows
  • More Reason

    Though you may be a scribe in ancient Egypt
  • In the Vestibule

    The in-between is queasy
  • Your Brother’s Face

    You believe your brother will come down
  • Dew Point

    Because of the nipple crust riming a girl’s
  • Sharp Noises at Night

    When I travel to the Midwest, trains
  • La Bagatelle | Method | Dream Glance

    in cursive yellow hung above
  • Salons

    Your friends are all sitting
  • Obit

    At this beat-up plywood slab across the beat-up
  • And Now, As Promised

    How lousy are your prospects when you
  • The Night Was Born

    This night was born in an old and dust-filled pantry, and yesterday’s – in the
  • January 28 | Basho

    Today it is snowing again and I’m thinking of Borges.
  • Lawrence Matsuda and Tess Gallagher: Pow! Pow! Shalazam!

    About the work: In the late summer of 2011 Tess Gallagher and Lawrence Matsuda were e-mailing each other while she…

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