Issue #24 June 2013

  • My Last Deidre | The City of the Orgasm

    I am a not woman.  I am an orgasm.
  • Difficulty

    It's difficult
  • Danger: A Triptych

    I thought at first it was a rock, a pebble my own tire had somehow kicked up in a weird curve.  I kept driving to my
  • Broadcast

    Five blank days of snow,
  • The Suicide’s Wife

    inhabits an invisible island
  • Even the Gun Does Not Want to be a Gun

    It denies the polish
  • Aunt Rolla

    She had the softest face
  • Big Finish

    Now that the last shaft of sunset has collapsed
  • Confusing Myself with the Whippoorwill

    Today, I was a madness of regrettable actions. At the convenience store, I eyed the cashiers warily as they slouched in
  • Thetis

    We see her through her element, not
  • Coal Bin

    Some witchy and slinky,
  • The Injured Future

    Far left cluster the listeners, their heads lifted toward the speaker.
  • Rachel Hadas: The Golden Road

    By way of introduction to this month’s “Featured Selection,” first a brief appreciation of Rachel Hadas’s new book of poetry…

    Featured Selection