Issue #59 June 2016

  • Ira Sadoff: “…an attentive laboring.”

        Ira Sadoff with Michael Hafftka painting 2011.     Mitchell: Ira Sadoff, you’re one of American Poetry’s most…

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  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 59 –   June: a most welcome intercession for many of us teachers, when…

    Editors Note
  • From the grab bag of desire

    I keep meaning to walk up to you,
  • Mishap

    At the soiree, a hot ticket zooms off with a hot potato into the toy
  • WHO did the blue school

    who bruised the wound
  • Stanley Cavell Pauses on the Aventine | A Package Tour

    At the side of the slope where all those waves
  • Tranquility & Tremolo

    Where song is, fire begins, tightens,

    They walk in and out of the room,
  • Yahrzeit

    This was the woman who remembered her childhood.
  • Potato | The Surface

    I do not want to finish my potato,
  • Possibility of Erasure | There Are Corpses Buried in Them

    It is snowing this morning.
  • Me & Whiskey

    Collided hard
  • Geology Lessons

    I look back through the window of a Greyhound Bus
  • FOLDED WING | Pig, a sequel | Ode to Solitude

    The wrist and the leg are the test: flexible,
  • Christopher DeWeese: The Father of the Arrow Is the Thought & Amelia Martens: The Spoons in the Grass Are There to Dig a Moat

    Paul Klee, one of the most gifted and prolific visual artists of the early twentieth century, defies easy categorization. A…

    Book Review