Issue #70 May 2017

  • Guest Editor’s Note: David Breskin on Campaign

    This month, for the second time in three months and in Plume’s relatively brief history, I happily step aside, offering…

    Editors Note
  • Amit Majmudar: The Valentine’s Day Sutra

          The Valentine’s Day Sutra     1.] Before I read this Sutra aloud to you, a word…

    Featured Selection
  • Tattoos | Tattoos

    They come with stories. Like the woman whose thorny twist
  • N32P28

    Do not treasure or belittle,
  • In Brief: Tommye Blount, Jennifer Ghivan, Saarah Pape, Shelly Wong

    With the sensuality of Carl Philips and the edginess of Wanda Coleman, Tommye Blount’s debut chapbook What Are We Not…

    Book Review

    Reaching from history, that alpenglow, towards the dead whose clothes I wear
  • Perfect Air

    Put book down
  • Melodrama

    A gunshot: the trigger so light
  • Ernest Hilbert: On Literary Relics

    Rare book collectors devote whole lives to finding and preserving books by authors they love, though the books alone may…

    Essays and Comment
  • Mowing     

    I never remember to ask what it is
  • GIVING HER 100%

    There is a world where
  • Jukkasjärvi, Sweden | Hämeenkyrö, Finland

    It flew like a little bird
  • This Dog | 4 AM

    Maybe I’ve chosen life—not just
  • Aperol-Spritz | Padua

    Across the river from the Grossmünster
  • The Russian Senior Building. Newark, NJ | Mercury

    Those who are younger-younger play their bingo,
  • A Story about the Bees

    I still have the bees