Featured Selection

  • Mark Irwin: Extracts from: Hyle: The fundamental question of poetry by Alain Borer

    By way of introduction to this month’s “Featured Selection,” first some thoughts from Mark Irwin, followed by the work itself, and some biographical material.   Introduction by Mark Irwin: The Poetic Thought of Alain Borer   Perhaps the best introduction to Alain Borer’s view on poetry might be gleaned from a quote by Victor Hugo: “the true poet is not

    Issue #23 May 2013
  • Lawrence Matsuda and Tess Gallagher: Pow! Pow! Shalazam!

    About the work: In the late summer of 2011 Tess Gallagher and Lawrence Matsuda were e-mailing each other while she was in her cottage in Ireland and he was at home in Seattle. The exchanges evolved into a series of nine poems.  The collaboration was like a poetry jam session where they traded and borrowed images, ran riffs on each

    Issue #22 April 2013
  • Sarah Arvio: eleven poems from night thoughts: 70 dream poems & notes from an analysis

    eleven poems from night thoughts:  70 dream poems & notes from an analysis from a word to the reader: night thoughts is an exploration of the dreaming mind. It is also an intimate memoir, describing the evolution of a psychoanalysis and the events that gave rise to that treatment. It gives the reader a set of dream poems, then notes

    Issue #21 March 2013