Issue #82 May 2018

Julie Blackmon, “Bratz Dolls” from Mind Games, 2004

  • Christopher Buckley, Nicole Callihan, Chris Forhan,

    Christopher Buckley on ”I’m Nothing” “I’m nothing” has seen many incarnations . . . a longer poem, longer lines, more…

    Editors Note
  • The Doorway | Wants

    Two things she wanted among the left-behinds when her parents moved
  • What if Cat Stevens was a dog person? | Thus, always to tryrants | The Seamstress

    Someone offered me an olive branch
  • City That Cultivated Our Voice

    Back then, everything was only starting,
  • Song

    It wasn’t a goat’s head swaying in the tree. It was a ferret
  • The Departure | The Screamer

    Farewell my pond and all my many doves
  • At Once People at the End of Their Lives

    come from common spaces to move around
  • Words

    Words are loyal.
  • Robert Archambeau: The Poem in White Space

    The Poem in White Space   White space comes first, for the poet and the reader.  I don’t mean anything…

    Essays and Comment
  • Babel of Signs

    Skirting the coast desperate for fresh food
  • I’m Nothing

    close to a Zen scholar,
  • Blind | Opulent, Unfunereal World

    The way, as I wake, some shimmery dream
  • Martha Collins: “Night Unto Night” and “Day Unto Day”

    What are the heavens, and what is the firmament—what, a house, and for how long? How do we live, die,…

    Book Review

    Everything and everybody are always doing something.
  • Family

    None of my friends called their grandmother Nana.
  • Robin Behn “Fiddle Tune Poems”

      Fiddle Tune Poems   In writing these Fiddle Tune Poems, I was influenced by each tune’s sound—its rhythms, major…

    Featured Selection