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  • Imagined Corners

    At the corner where the transept cuts the nave,
  • Edna St. Vincent, M.F.A.

    Chic and petite, blind to her destiny
  • The Mirror

    We dream of two dragons
  • Moment of Truth

    A matador imagines he has
  • The Prince of the Fire Mountain Returns Home

    I remain a shadow slim as a clock hand,
  • Nude with Pebbles

    Flowers fall.  And I noticed
  • Ready to Be the Lover She Remembers Forever

    The gods are everywhere
  • Throw it All Away

    My granddaughter who.  The one alive in speech descends.  A plate
  • Ars Poetica

    The dark night caught Jerome by surprise
  • Pour Ainsi Dire

    Drinking. What is boozing? If not a liquid manner of corresponding, thanks to wine,
  • Zodiacal Light: A Dialogue

    To see it, you look to the north
  • Plume

    The old wheelbarrow aimed like a cannon