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  • Snow Day, by Jerome Sala

    The camera in the other room points and clicks
  • Pink is the Navy Blue of India

    Flea market guy tells me the pornos are five dollars
  • Reflection

    I am a lion
  • The Bird that Begins it

    In the world-famous night which is already flinging away bits of dark but not
  • Tolstoi Learned to Ride a Bike at an Age When Most of Us Cash in Chips

    There we were, watching the parade, while he climbed up
  • Far Country

    When you were in that country
  • Creek

    Now it is easy to find where the creek dwindles, where it thickens at last, where its
  • Travel Light

    By all means take my suitcase, which now again
  • Trouble

    And so it took shape, & from what.
  • The Freud Museum

    It’s 1938. Here’s moss on red brick
  • Crazy Hairdo, Crazier Head | Some Things to Consider Before We Proceed

    Spector pinned down twins LaFlora and LaFauna like butterflies, trimmed their
  • To Say

    There are dead children all over and under this earth