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  • The Gone and the Going Away

    The world I know keeps going farther
  • Tiger Story

    Somewhere during my first or second year a tiger came into my life
  • An Oracle

    Why does the line end sooner than the page?
  • Home-Boys: Baby & Me (a Sapphic)

    Ex-gang members. Driveby days over. Zero
  • from Landscapes on a Train

    There once was a church. There once was a steeple. These things fall into
  • from “From Nothing”

    One note, another, in the parlor’s angled light,
  • News from Nowhere

    The sea handles laundry
  • Halloween

    No gazette ran the story,
  • Wilhelmina Shakespeare

    Blond hair, blue eyes, buck teeth:  we taunted you
  • white paper #46

    Obama Waffles Mix
  • Duet

    Their quest--what does the human body mean?--
  • Grave

    Over the grave the bird will