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  • Preludes and Fugues, Cycle C

    Watch your cat leap up in fright and flee
  • Double Sonnet Ending in New Testament

    This poem is meant to have the make and model
  • Aqua and Violet

    Childlike ones don’t tattle on the choice of stepfathers.
  • LATE

    The last time my father returned from work
  • Bodies on the Margins

    The artist understands blood; or rather
  • From “Underworlds”

    Hell of an exit,
  • Gertrude Suite, [Mechthild Says God is a Bell] & Lazarus

    Semantic, in the way that interruption is semantic.
  • Some Answers

    No, I will not change.
  • Morning Hunger

    Why not in the icy clarity of morning,
  • She said she saw, Maya Lin and At night, I tried

    She said she saw her own veins
  • Fogetting Names

    Inevitable, and not
  • Early Christianity: A Poem | Rome

    OK, says James, let them keep their foreskins.