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  • Boots and Bayonet

    My platoon a loose group cross-legged
  • Ekaterina Derisheva’s “in the ‘war’ mode” and “Houses Discuss” translated by Tatiana Retivov

    while they sort out who helped more
  • Horoscope and American Upanishad

    Two hearts can charge the moment they meet,
  • The Triumphs of 1974 & A Self-Guided Tour of Machu Picchu, OR Please, Sir/Madam, Step Away from the Edge of the Abyss

    Moneyless, we moved to Cali,
  • More Nights Than Days and Turn It Up

    At the end of my street, they cut the trees.
  • All the time I pray to Buddha…

    Issa, I killed 8 gophers this fall, held
  • The Fortieth Day | Pussy Riot/Want/Don’t/Want

    Now she called forth nights of a different kind of brilliance when the moon wrapped every thing with light—
  • You Don’t Travel Light, Life

    is a cumbersome business.
  • I’ll Hang Around as Long as You Will Let Me

    John Prine is dead on TV in the season before trees bear peaches
  • What I learned from ‘Saved by the Bell’

    Only half a dozen people actually exist
  • February Elegy with Tulips on a Glass Table

    It’s the yellow dust inside the tulips.
  • Fragments of The Sacrificial World

    Porpoises feed every morning in the shallows