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  • What Almost Killed You

    Hello, my  name is a long drive home from the bar
  • A Heresy Sublime

    An artist whom I’ve met is Dürer,
  • First Communion, forty-two and the unnamed

    I shall sit here, on this bench,
  • The Walk-Through Heart & The Odyssey of Yes

    my mother lived in a handmade cage
  • Interlude for a Solitary Flute

    What is the age of the couple
  • With My Senses in Ruins | Scavenge and Transform

    Here’s a recipe for seeing: sleep
  • On Delta Flight #2164 From JFK

    I'm headed home from a stint at Long Island's
  • From the Ass’s Mouth: A Theory of the Leisure Class

    Up on stage in the three-quarters empty auditorium,
  • Memento Mori: Northern White Rhinos

    They are grey, big as boulders,
  • Hapax Legomenon

    Literally “thing said once,
  • Poem with Ginger in it

    This rough hooked lump, this botched
  • The Barricade

    The barricade measures two meters high and twelve meters wide