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  • Truce, Class Notes & On Rereading the 23rd Psalm

    My high school class of 1950
  • A Singleton & Self Portrait: Between the Car and the Sea

    They climb to their lookout, each day, different,
  • Blown Away

    There’s something stuck in my throat, it might be the red-eyed
  • Gun Notes

    This man and I softly discussed hunting
  • Of Course

    If I wake at 3, ephemerality
  • The Last Widow | The Last Mirror

    The last widow misses men. The last widow misses her husband
  • Of Weeping

    First there is the weeping one weeps when one reads a good poem,
  • The Dog Days of August and Elaine’s Story

    What huge effort to move through
  • The Mercies of Noah’s Wife

    Among the most measly of beasts, she has her pets,
  • Vernissage

    Survivors of a volcanic explosion, cross-
  • As So Often Happens | Twenty-two Years Later

    As so often happens, in the middle
  • July 4th

    Tarred roads starting to buckle,