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  • Six Blessings and a Curse

    Weigh odds. Pray. Pay bills.
  • Talisman

    Quetzal: you write
  • It Will Start One Day

    you know, it will start one day, the ebb
  • House of Clouds | Song

    Clouds float over Giudecca  Island,
  • Trouble

    And so it took shape, & from what.
  • Want

    How do I want you? Let me count the ways.
  • Snake Church and Patience, with Bees

    I’m Reverend Brody Coots
  • Sea Otters, Missiles, Sardines

    Sea otters sun themselves on harbor rocks,
  • N33P14 and N33P29

    Cloud cover

    No mind, no form, I only exist;
  • Dear Creature

    Because of what I did
  • From the Ass’s Mouth: A Theory of the Leisure Class

    Up on stage in the three-quarters empty auditorium,