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  • For Your Eighteenth Birthday

    Not a car nor papa’s advice.
  • Spoiler Alert

    This all started when Tanya, that wreck of a billionaire
  • To Isabella Franconati

    After your husband died and the cypress trees,

    some deluge loafing letter
  • America

    America, I have a friend for whom everything went south
  • Strychnine Tree

    Stranger under this love-sick tree, lapful of terminal clusters
  • Dew Point

    Because of the nipple crust riming a girl’s
  • Auntie Deluvian and Alien On The Ark: Two by Two

    Deep-time they called it when King Dumuzid the Shepherd
  • Here at the Scene

    How will I tell her particular tale
  • Chronoscope 241:  Briefly

    Briefly: the glare sun below the clouds

    Jesus hears a swarm of bees beneath his porch. His television
  • Horoscope and American Upanishad

    Two hearts can charge the moment they meet,