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  • A Brief Portfolio: Five Poems

    I found this suitcase slumped in a dark attic corner
  • Two poems by Jan Wagner translated from German by David Keplinger 

    when you are digging in the wardrobe
  • Edinburgh University Anatomical Collection

    Take shelter awhile from mortality

    Salt and sour bait

    my face is old now
  • Antonio Gamoneda, from Book of the Cold (World Poetry Books, May 2022) translated from Spanish by Katherine M. Hedeen and Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

    You smell the wet linens, your acids.
  • Night Watch

    It’s instant art:  transmuted to the net
  • N32P28

    Do not treasure or belittle,
  • Reading About Keith Jarrett This Morning in the Paper and Ode to the Table of Contents

    how he probably won’t play in public again
  • Riding the Metro-North New Haven Line and Black Mountain Music

    The question is what kind of sausage are they—
  • Soaked, by Marilyn Kallet

    At the friary lunch we chat about End of Days,
  • Poem for Shang Qin

    I’ve been digging my way toward you since the day I was born. I watch the