Poems translated by Marilyn Hacker

Marilyn Hacker is the author of twelve books of poems, including Names (Norton, 2010) and Desesperanto (Norton, 2003) and an essay collection, Unauthorized Voices ( Michigan, 2010). Her translations from the French include Marie Etienne’s King of a Hundred Horsemen (Farrar Strauss and Giroux, 2008) , which received the 2009 PEN Award for Poetry in Translation, and Amina Saïd’s The Present Tense of the World (Black Widow Press, 2011). For her own work, she received the PEN Voelcker Award for poetry in 2010. She is a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. She lives in Paris.

  • Six Makeshift Trees Around My Bathtub

    Above our heads a vertical shadow
  • from In the Fires of Absence

    Beautiful gelid just-
  • She Painted Artichokes

    You had nothing to say so you painted some splendid artichokes
  • Preludes and Fugues, Cycle C

    Watch your cat leap up in fright and flee
  • Three Poems from “Where Are the Trees Going”

    Inhabited uninhabited house subject to the air’s structure
  • Elegy for a Young Garden

    Shattered bricks, flayed sockets
  • Poems for the Absent One

    Mother death,