Issue #103 March 2020

Sam Rowley, “Station Squabble”

  • Chelsea Wagenaar reviews Paisley Rekdal’s “Nightingale”

    In the opening poem of Nightingale, Paisley Rekdal writes, “The tree traffics / in a singular astonishment, its gold tongues…

    Book Review
  • Flash Essays by Alfred Corn

    Most of us have read Joyce’s Dubliners, which includes the story “Ivy Day in the Committee Room,” but do we know what Ivy Day is in Ireland?
    Essays and Comment
  • My Polish and Another Poem

    When I try to thank it, it shushes me. Then illuminates my way to the Exit.
  • Family Once Removed and Who Cooks for You?

    I like to be alone
  • 5 Under 35 Plus

    5 under 35 Plus    JN It is with deep honor I introduce the second installment of this feature. Below…

    Featured Selection
  • Untitled

    But here in the city there are signs and crowds in the street
  • Henry, Waldrep, Harrison, et. al.

    DeWitt Henry regarding ‘On Shadows’: I’ve been writing in the DMZ between lyrical essays and poems for the past few…

    Editors Note
  • By the Numbers

    The number of times intuition told me I had dodge
  • Regular Arithmetic

    My sister says, all men are insecure,
  • Morning Hunger

    Why not in the icy clarity of morning,
  • Cold Front Coming

    A crescent moon

    They are pulverized into earth
  • Scene from a Photograph in a Dream

    What was I doing in my childhood room again?
  • Mari Küla and Mari Meli

    Manuela Colipe Benavente breathes in the sun so that she can sleep.
  • Invocation

    I would like beamed to me from the Muse's tower high atop Parnassus
  • Wordwell Triptych

    chronic lapse
  • On Shadows & On Risk

    Me and my shadow