Issue #126 February 2022

Peter Uka, “Quiet Listening”, 2020

  • Zeeshan Khan Pathan’s “The Minister of Disturbances” and Allison Joseph’s “Lexicon” reviewed by Mark Wagenaar

    The poems in The Minister of Disturbances have a wide variety of settings, and jump around the globe
    Book Review
  • A Crucible of Rubies: Love Poems selected and written by the Plume Staff

    In celebration of Valentine’s day, we thought our readers might enjoy some poems written or selected by our Plume Staff.
    Featured Selection
  • Brown, Kress, Waldrop, et. al.

    Fleda Brown on “Someone is Walking a Pig”: There were the ordinary days. We call them that, now, since the…

    Editors Note
  • Story of My Species

    first she was in the ocean
  • A Story About Vietnam and Alexi Santana

    In a tiled bathroom stall, one chapter per tile,
  • A Brief Portfolio

    I remembered one day when I was new to that part of the city
  • Ocean Park

    Call this landscape abstract if the world’s splendour
  • Petrarch’s Poem 269, from Rerum vulgarium fragmenta, translated from Italian by Lee Harlin Bahan

    The high column and the green laurel
  • What Santa Asked When Lord Russell Argued that “Santa Claus” was a Definite Description and not a Referring Expression

    I tell my students to heed four things and they will be fine.
  • Poet at the Mall & Neuromythology

    Because language begins in body
  • Three Ghazals

    When I woke in the night, I walked to the center of the dream.
  • Museling, a Pastoral

    I’m reading a poem by a young woman,
  • Chronoscope 241:  Briefly

    Briefly: the glare sun below the clouds
  • Owls Was The Most Likely Explanation

    It’s pretty wild to think how long ago
  • The Public Servants and Amateur

    To be delivered by a sad man standing in a single light.
  • Someone Is Walking the Pig

    Someone is walking the pig in our downstairs hallway, where the shops are.
  • SAT PRACTICE TEST by Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade

    having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority or discipline
    Essays and Comment