Issue #126 February 2022

Peter Uka, “Quiet Listening”, 2020

  • Zeeshan Khan Pathan’s “The Minister of Disturbances” and Allison Joseph’s “Lexicon” reviewed by Mark Wagenaar

    The poems in The Minister of Disturbances have a wide variety of settings, and jump around the globe
    Issue #126 February 2022
  • A Crucible of Rubies: Love Poems selected and written by the Plume Staff

    In celebration of Valentine’s day, we thought our readers might enjoy some poems written or selected by our Plume Staff.
    Issue #126 February 2022
  • Brown, Kress, Waldrop, et. al.

    Fleda Brown on “Someone is Walking a Pig”: There were the ordinary days. We call them that, now, since the…

    Issue #126 February 2022
  • Story of My Species

    first she was in the ocean
  • A Story About Vietnam and Alexi Santana

    In a tiled bathroom stall, one chapter per tile,
  • A Brief Portfolio

    I remembered one day when I was new to that part of the city
  • Ocean Park

    Call this landscape abstract if the world’s splendour
  • Petrarch’s Poem 269, from Rerum vulgarium fragmenta, translated from Italian by Lee Harlin Bahan

    The high column and the green laurel
  • What Santa Asked When Lord Russell Argued that “Santa Claus” was a Definite Description and not a Referring Expression

    I tell my students to heed four things and they will be fine.
  • Poet at the Mall & Neuromythology

    Because language begins in body
  • Three Ghazals

    When I woke in the night, I walked to the center of the dream.
  • Museling, a Pastoral

    I’m reading a poem by a young woman,
  • Chronoscope 241:  Briefly

    Briefly: the glare sun below the clouds
  • Owls Was The Most Likely Explanation

    It’s pretty wild to think how long ago
  • The Public Servants and Amateur

    To be delivered by a sad man standing in a single light.
  • Someone Is Walking the Pig

    Someone is walking the pig in our downstairs hallway, where the shops are.
  • SAT PRACTICE TEST by Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade

    having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority or discipline
    Issue #126 February 2022