Issue #14 August 2012

  • Last Poem

    Reader, today
  • A God | A Poet | “Facesti come quei che va di notte…” | The Mocking of Ceres

    Here lies a god who was obtuse, just like us.
  • The Shape of Things

    I’ve been reading the science books again
  • Standing by a Coppice Gate, Reading “The Darkling Thrush”

    The city gate loomed at century’s end,
  • One and a Half Poems

    Well it began with a microburst from the North when the moon
  • You Have to Lead the Sheep

    A dream struck a dream
  • A Snow Woman

    A window on a side yard in winter.
  • Tool & Die

    In the final unburdening, massive crates are moved
  • from Nothing in the Dark

    My mother would assuage my childhood night-fears by saying There's nothing in the dark that you can't see during
  • Evening

    The blue chair on the terrace, coffee, evening,
  • In the Vanguard

    It takes a few notes, a very few notes, to undo the bare bones of a person. Where formerly we were piecework in a
  • 1945

    The winter trees offer no shade no shelter.