Issue #37 July 2014

  • Poem of the Quotidian

    Night falls so swiftly in this part of town
  • Birds in the Night

    The French government, or was it the English government,
  • RODIN, “Hand with Small Torso, Bronze” | Rodin’s “The Cathedral”

    In Paris you can see his drawer of hands.

    My daughter sings in snow falling through the scent of red oak or ash, some of the flakes large enough to contain passages from Emily Dickinson’s letters. 
  • Over

    Suddenly, it’s over, and I hear!
  • Things I’ve Discovered in Hong Kong

    Semantics: clue that Trappist Dairy Milk Drink is not milk—had I read the label—
  • Fret Not

    Opening the door for the first time since
  • End in Itself

    All veins point to a heart in depleted rivers, in branches,
  • Better Than Heaven

    So many set asides, you say, intemperate
  • True West

    We return by foot from pre-plantation oaks,
  • SOUL-DARK second version | SLEEP second version

    At the forest’s edge: a dark deer. A hush.
  • Essay: Domestic

  • James Richardson: Vectors

        Over the past weeks I’ve returned to James Richardson’s VECTORS 4.1: A FEW THOUGHTS IN THE DARK and…

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