Issue #42 December 2014

  • Gifts | The List

    Books, your books, and blocks
  • Shaft of Light

    Smile behind the lips
  • What They Told Me At The Boy’s Club In Gainesville

    Right over there, in the public library, that's where Rahul got shot--
  • Gun Notes

    This man and I softly discussed hunting
  • Ayotzinapa

    We bite the shadow
  • Mr. Blake’s Skin Don’t Dirt

    Because the vanishing point hovers
  • July Saturday Night 

    Now I’m going to walk downtown to Cape Tip Sportswear
  • Double Sonnet Ending in New Testament

    This poem is meant to have the make and model
  • Bad Harvest

    Does my name take your tongue’s
  • This Could Happen

    If you kept walking you would eventually step out of yourself.
  • Free Descent

    It seemed I had always been kicking
  • After the Invention of Polystyrene a Ligurian Goat Crosses the Equator

    Abut in a tailspin, mad spark
  • Five South African Poets

          Introduction This is a vast country with such a mixed and turbulent political and social history –…

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