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  • Will flames lap? Leap? | The Country Stairs

    Will flames lap? Leap?
  • My Obituary

    Will it merit a full column in The Post or The Times
  • The Oklahoma Purchase

    William Howard Taft wouldn’t drink before dark.
  • Ferns  | Cycle

    Wind thrums
  • Compare the movement of swallows

    with Magritte’s matrix of businessmen
  • In Search of Grace

    With slush to ground the Erie trees
  • The House

    With stained red awnings
  • As the Land Listens

    Women are gathering on shore after shore after sharp rocked shore
  • Tampa at 8PM, Listening to a Podcast on Bird Migration

    Woodlawn Cemetery lies shadowed beneath violet-bellied clouds
  • Words

    Words are loyal.
  • Two Poems translated by Connie Voisine

    Words here carry the scent of snow,

    Words hung into silence