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  • Winter Morning and Ceci n’est pas un pot

    I can easily imagine someone always doubting before he opened his front door whether
  • Winter Landscape with Bird Trap

    Only sparrows fly down, crows wait in treetops.
  • Winter | Untitled

    Let this winter pass into another winter.
  • Winkles & Dillisk

    Does he suspect the boys

    to be Wilser Lopez. So be Wilser Lopez
  • Willing

    Hidden from all mothers’ eyes by blinded windows
  • Willem Van de Velde the Younger, Ships in a Gale (1660) and Matsumura Goshun, Crab (late 18th century)

    The storm dissolves the difference between wave,
  • Will flames lap? Leap? | The Country Stairs

    Will flames lap? Leap?
  • Wilhelmina Shakespeare

    Blond hair, blue eyes, buck teeth:  we taunted you
  • Wilderness

    The mind is a wilderness like Bartram’s, razed, cemented over, marked by rows
  • Wild Yeast & Kiss and Tell

    What color is Shakespeare?
  • Widow

    You cannot consider yourself a widow just because the full moon has gone