Category / Issue #34 April 2014

April, 2014 – featuring Nin Andrews, Jennifer Atkinson, Sigman Byrd, Lorenzo Calogero (trans. by John Taylor), Christopher Crawford, Barbara Hamby, David Huddle, Fady Joudah, Erika Meitner, Hoa Nguyen, Kathleen Ossip, and Chase Twichell. Featured selection by Hank Lazer. Cover art by Chris Maynard.

Reality Check

after David Lehman   The orgasm likes the dusk best, the time of day when the visible becomes the invisible, and the physical world, a fantasy or dream. That’s when the man and woman remember him again even if it’s

Notes Toward a Treatise on the…

None knows the song devoted to winkles. None knows which is named for which—the flower for the littoral snail or the snail for the literal flower. All periwinkles are drawn toward the sea by its in-sucking music and drawn to

The Beginner

Doesn’t have a clue, sips whiskey in a train station on the other side of thought, imagining   the space between the days, the votive cells and atoms of each moment rising. Says yes   to everything that happens, fails

Two Poems

What We Work At   What we work at never falls nor splinters, is forever. Joyful or sad, enthused, manifold, it remains immutable to the strokes of time, testifies to immortal time.   Its naked brow stays hard and firm

I’m a Witch!

It is standard for women to say this   kind of blithe nonsense flirtatiously nowadays.   Or maybe it was always so.   Trying to get off with the blacksmith’s son in 1648,   peeking through her lashes, potato-sack dress


Marina is trying to describe Raskolnikov’s interior state and uses the word toshno, which she says comes from the same word as “to vomit,” which makes me think of Sartre’s La Nausee and the German Weltschmertz, but Marina says, it

Genital Epistemology

1. don’t it make you snicker how desire goes everywhere incognito undiscussed but witnessed by every man woman and child in a blink the mind carries out the sex calculation to what extent do I yearn for intimacy with this

Two Poems

Survival Rate When at customs I don’t declare what I brought into my country from that other minor country   when in legacy mode my teeth have grown too yellow the surprise-hug of a carnivorous flower   I exploit the


A host of angels or a compass of cherubim or maybe a resolution of sprites has absconded with me or my common sense or possibly just my best self and godknowswhatelse.   Which is to say I’m sorry.   I


from A Thousand Times You Lose Your Treasure   Sweetness of fish sauce and tonal voice My mother with slippers     I crawl singing towards the floor   Hearing the tones later my boy hugs shoulders asks    Are you OK?  

“No use”

On October 21, 1962, Sylvia Plath wrote one poem that became two. The original two-section poem, which she called “Amnesiac,” separated when The New Yorker accepted one of the sections and not the other. She was left with the first,

Two Poems

Two Dogs Passing Through the Yard   One’s a male Aussie mix, either young or small, the other a rangy lab-something, female, the junior dog, both headed north through the yard.   Our Border/Aussie watches from beneath the truck, paws


By way of introduction to this month’s Featured Selection, again something of a departure: a multimedia piece from Hank Lazer, including a conversation with Glenn Mott, several poems/pages from Lazer’s Notebooks project, a painting by Susan Bee, and a jazz-poetry