Category / Issue #43 January 2015

January, 2015 – featuring Shamshad Abdullaev (trans. by Alex Cigale), Ciaran Berry, Steve Bradbury, Dorothy Chan, Andrée Chedid (trans. by Marci Vogel), Bruce Cohen, Billy Collins, Alice Derry, Alicia Ostriker, Clare Rossini, Grace Schulman, Hsia Yü (trans. by Steve Bradbury). Featured selection by
Daniel Bourne and Tadeusz Dziewanowski. Cover art by Anne Graaf.

Editor’s Note

Readers: January: in Latin, as you know, Januraius, after Janus, god of beginnings (and by necessity endings) and transitions; the two-faced god – looking into the past and the future at once. And as I began this little note tonight,

Two Poems

A ROMANCE   A creature without definite feelings. Better so. On the white-washed verandah, fouled by flies, early morning, with a veined rope in her left hand, she thinks of the senseless spark of the minutes (while the man deliberates

Stopping At Whole Foods on a S…

If commerce, too, has its music, then it’s in kumquat, pine nut, Arctic char, it’s the squeaky front wheel of my little cart, which seems to know the way between the dry goods and the winter greens, and how my

Two Poems

On a Version of “Lady with Lapdog” After Chekhov   How clever, to leave out all the articles, thereby suggesting their story, their plight, were less a story than a portrait or a still life. Which of course it is, when you think

Three Poems

Centerfold of the Year   Full frontal I stand, knee-high socks and white heels, legs crossed, as I’m barely covered—breasts popping out his white shirt—the trace of a man that makes the shot complete, holding a glass of milk, hands

Three Poems

Au grand matin [extrait de Textes pour la terre aimée, 1955] Andrée Chedid ––L’oiseau de terre nous reviendra.   Into the vast morning [excerpted from Texts for the Beloved Earth, 1955] translated from the French by Marci Vogel, 2014 ––The

The Uncanny

Suppose a rational man Rations himself into an irrational man. Construct his lifelike representation. Take a snapshot of this pseudo-rational Manikin.  Paint an impressionistic Portrait of the snapshot—speckles galore. Now click a digital photo of the painting. Let it go

View From a Shrinking Floe

Beyond the boats freed from the dripping ice and all the bewildered sailors, beyond the breadth of the melting tundra,   finally, the last polar bear paddling away from us with its head raised, a female, it was later discovered,

Listening to Stone

Cycladic Woman, Athens 2300 B. C.   The man who carved you vied and gossiped with his fellow artists, then too fell silent, listening to stone. No language survives, and, like him, I’m left hearing the shape of you.  


When you take off your mask, what is your true address   If you had a choice, which tree would you like to be which Beethoven symphony   What is the color of Robert Burns’ red red rose   Which

The Albino Squirrel

Bury it, I said.  In the field.  No, Said Steve.  We’ll put a rock on top, I said.  No.    Steve lifted the squirrel from the street, walked stiffly through The kitchen door and down the basement stairs   As

The Lost Explorers

Give me the lost explorers, the last-seens, gone missings, vanished-in-fog, no wreckage found, with names that ring with danger, like Uemura and Crozier, or rhyme with awe, like Fawcett,   lost seeing Z, the last alphabet letter, the hidden city

from Fourteen Fourteenliner…

13 Though he said he would be waiting at the bistro at 6   Why can say passion fruit for instance always begin again Every summer as lustrous as ever as juicy As ever the same artful trick of many seeds or say Peas-in-a-pod for instance


By way of introduction to this month’s Featured Selection, here is a splendid forward to “A Journey Between the Lands,” the collaborative work of Daniel Bourne and Tadeusz Dziewanowski written by the former, followed by the work itself and some