Issue #43 January 2015

  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: January: in Latin, as you know, Januraius, after Janus, god of beginnings (and by necessity endings) and transitions; the…

    Editors Note

    A creature without definite feelings. Better so.
  • Stopping At Whole Foods on a Snowy Evening

    If commerce, too, has its music, then it’s in kumquat, pine nut, Arctic char,
  • On a Version of “Lady with Lapdog” | Synch

    How clever, to leave out all the articles, thereby suggesting their story, their plight, were less a story than a portrait
  • Centerfold of the Year | Centerfold of the Month: Rabbit Season | Centerfold of the Month: Judgment

    Full frontal I stand, knee-high socks and white heels,
  • Before the rebirth | The harvest field | Song of love present

    No flowers here
  • The Uncanny

    Suppose a rational man
  • View From a Shrinking Floe

    Beyond the boats freed from the dripping ice
  • Listening to Stone

    The man who carved you vied and gossiped
  • Q&A

    When you take off your mask, what is your true address
  • The Albino Squirrel

    Bury it, I said.  In the field.  No,
  • The Lost Explorers

    Give me the lost explorers, the last-seens,
  • from Fourteen Fourteenliners

    Why can say passion fruit for instance always begin again
  • Daniel Bourne and Tadeusz Dziewanowski: Reading Between the Lands

      Reading Between the Lands: An Introduction to a Poetry Road Trip Through Northern Poland   As an “author’s photo,”…

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