Issue #110 October 2020

  • A Hard Road by Charles Coe

    In July of 2016, I was on my way to the Chautauqua Institution, a summer cultural resort in southwestern New York
    Essays and Comment
  • Brett Foster’s “Extravagant Rescues” reviewed by Chelsea Wagenaar

    In the abcedarian list poem “Alternative Titles for the Book You Are Holding in Your Hands,” Brett Foster offers ...
    Book Review
  • Johnson, Sholl, Moss, et. al.

    Peter Johnson On “The Last Dance,” “Nice Socks,” and “My Friend,”: My most recent book is called Old Man Howling…

    Editors Note
  • Locked Gate

    On December 19, 1980
  • francine j harris Interviewed by Amy Beeder

    francine j harris’ third book Here is the Sweet Hand, with which she “fully emerges as one of the best…

    Featured Selection
  • A Brief Portfolio of Six Poems

    told us Hollywood was a verb on the painted stretcher &    fretting,
  • Notes From Sick Rooms

    Who really wants to be a caregiver?
  • Taking It Back

    Two weeks past Epiphany,
  • The Shadow of Love

    A man falls in love with a shadow
  • The Worm

    The sun: a worm with a spring withy in its jaws.
  • Always a Woman, a War, or a Lost Cause

    That hunched those men over Zorro’s
  • Romanian Lessons & The Country of Leaving

    Godmother country,
  • My Friend, Nice Socks & The Last Dance

    My friend wanted to have breakfast at the local strip club.
  • The Book of Forgotten Geniuses

    I can understand why the Egyptians
  • A Brief Portfolio of Six Poems

    The pond flattered the foliage,
  • A Singleton & Self Portrait: Between the Car and the Sea

    They climb to their lookout, each day, different,
  • Whatever Alights

    A zillion yeses to the titmice at my feeder,