Issue #129 May 2022

Ephrem Solomon
Folk Memory 3, Woodcut and mixed media, 2015

  • Poetry: A Mirror, a Pencil and an Envelope. Seven Minutes with D. Nurkse and Nancy Mitchell

    In this candid interview, D. Nurkse reflects on a long life in poetry and political activism
  • A Travel Guide for the Exiled; An Interview with Zein El-Amine, by Leeya Mehta

    In April, we were lucky to spend time at the Annapolis Book Festival with Zein El-Amine. El-Amine grew up in Lebanon and now teaches and writes in Washington D.C., bringing his heart and words to our local literary community.
    Featured Selection
  • Small Scenes without Apology

    Remember the daughters.
  • (Blessed Are) They Who Preserve

    These glass jars are houses for little Human Acts.
  • Three Poems from a Work in Progress

    Deer in the backyard, Schubert’s ninth
  • Antonio Gamoneda, from Book of the Cold (World Poetry Books, May 2022) translated from Spanish by Katherine M. Hedeen and Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

    You smell the wet linens, your acids.
  • Four From Delos

    Saw the ring of her
  • Lives of the Postmodern Poets

    You were born too late.
  • Forced March

    I remembered it wrong, the scene in the film
  • Rosenthal, Stratton, Aizenberg, et. al.

    Mira Rosenthal on translating Tomasz Różycki:   The poems “A Room” and “Wild Strawberries” come from Tomasz Różycki’s tenth book, Litery, forthcoming…

    Editors Note
  • Two poems by Tomasz Różycki translated from Polish by Mira Rosenthal

    Hello? If you can hear me, give a sign, a call,
  • Close to now

    I should have said from the beginning that I plant the black nasturtiums because they are the saddest
  • A Kind of Sorcery: On Shame, Defiance and Moral Imagination by Richard Hoffman

    A half-century ago, Kurt Vonnegut, in Slaughterhouse Five, wrote:
    Essays and Comment
  • Ashes of Roses and Blue Chair

    The early 19th Century rolls over
  • Spam Risk

    It was always a risk.
  • What Almost Killed You

    Hello, my  name is a long drive home from the bar
  • My Fifth Tattoo at the Darkstar Ink Parlor

    It takes a long time to get a tattoo
  • distant transit by Maya Haderlap reviewed by Mark Wagenaar

    “…is there a zone of darkness between all language, / a black river that swallows words / and stories and transforms them?”
    Book Review