Issue #17 November 2012

Fuji Crystal Archive print with lacquered wood frame
31.5″ x 41.5″
Edition of 8 +2 APs

  • Over the Bright and Darkened Lands | Out in the Tranquil Bay

    I sit in one of the dives.
  • Angles | Bad News

    The master speaks to a tree.
  • What is Grand

    Don’t mumble
  • Jerry Garcia in a Somerville Parking Lot

    Past midnight, a man in his late 60s, tall, with long
  • Bruised Fruit

    These sun-poached pages like an old address book
  • Without You

    I was doing just fine, a job, a home,
  • Door to Door

    He tooled around Long Island
  • Study: Old Watercolor and Joe

    I bought an old watercolor in a primitives shop and brought it home to my in-laws’ on summer vacation.
  • Soaked, by Marilyn Kallet

    At the friary lunch we chat about End of Days,
  • From the Ass’s Mouth: A Theory of the Leisure Class

    Up on stage in the three-quarters empty auditorium,
  • Green Girls

    Wriggling on the bottles:
  • Wait a Minute, It’s Simple

    As I chewed thoughtful fruit breakfast