Issue #90 February 2019

Taylor O. Thomas, Switchback (2018), Acrylic, oil, pastel, and collage on canvas, 48 x 36 inches.

  • The Other by Chard DeNiord

    THE OTHER In his great book The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, William Blake records some of his wisest lines…

    Essays and Comment
  • DeNiord, Donnelly, McPherson, et. al.

    Chard DeNiord on ‘The Other’ As a great admirer of Walt Whitman’s use of his transpersonal self—that “I” that is…

    Editors Note
  • from In the Fires of Absence

    Beautiful gelid just-
  • Stephanie Burt

    One thing that excites me most about Advice from the Lights is the wide range of subjects and voices.
    Featured Selection
  • Trás-Os-Montes

    Tiny and bent over
  • On Beauty and To the Phaistos Disc

    I have a tree outside my house. I don’t know what kind—in spring, it blooms, gorgeous.
  • The Loneliness of His Death

    I like to think there’s a place where all the poets go
  • Callas Poems

    She whom you seek is not here!
  • Unshored Fragments: Dimitris Lyacos’ Post-Tragic Trilogy reviewed by Ilias Bistolas

    As long as a match stays alight.
    Book Review
  • In a Valley & Theorems of Reason

    Hello to the theorems of reason, hidden
  • Archaic Rayon Kamehameha

    Blue eyes like dusty Santa Rosa plums,
  • A Catalogue

    You wrote me a letter in a very fast hand

    Honor System, the sign tacked to a scrub oak said,
  • Three More Claims to Fame

    Claim to Fame #7 :  Early Boyfriend
  • Sunday in Connecticut

    I drive into town.
  • The Last Few Feet

    And so the thyme fell and spilled a neat pile