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  • What You Can’t Fix

    She was always fixing me, stuffing filler in my holes
  • What, Me?

    When we’re in a car together I worry we’ll die and the world will lose its role models.
  • What’s Real? | Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

    This question didn’t much interest me
  • Whatever Alights

    A zillion yeses to the titmice at my feeder,

    Everyone here has so many faces,
  • when it is time

    you pass that bridge
  • When My Son Is Dead 14 Years

    These are the years I bargain with God.
  • When We Make Lifelines, the Universe Breathes a Little Easier

    When night becomes heavy, I break a hole
  • when you ask me if you are a good father & cook up meets god

    look     we know how this will play out
  • Where the Robins Took Me and Northern Flicker

    Robins settle on the earth
  • Which Makes Me, I Guess, the Muddy Colorado

    What we learn from most pornography is
  • While

    While we were kissing that year, the icebergs were sleeping,