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  • walls | uncertain

    one morning
  • Want

    How do I want you? Let me count the ways.
  • War Poems

    Mangled tanks at rest on the roadway's shoulder.
  • Wartime Pantoum

    Were the mountain women sold as slaves
  • Washing Women, Cathedral and Sky

    And when deep into the afternoon,
  • We Came This Way to Know the Evening

    Here’s a riddle:
  • We Lay Our Fear in a Wicker Basket

    Too drunk, walking around
  • Weather Report

    These white stripes of day achieve
  • Were We So Fragile?

    What promises didn’t you deliver, beautiful Life!
  • Western Spinebill Sighting and the Absence of Tim

    Tim is at a Goethe Society lesson
  • What a Man Wants is the Power to Name the Terms of His Rescue

    If I had that power,
  • What Almost Killed You

    Hello, my  name is a long drive home from the bar