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  • Wordwell Triptych

    chronic lapse
  • Wozzeck | Casualty

    Even the toneless whisper finds its cradle, its home,
  • Wraith

    I never walk past that gate I don’t recall a rifle butt, two sharp yelps,
  • Wrapped in Paper and String

    Monsters crawl in our brains,
  • Writing Under the Influence of Me

    It means I drop things, and I keep turning
  • Wuhan

    Utopia, or dystopia,

    It’s been one of those days
  • Yahrzeit

    This was the woman who remembered her childhood.
  • Yard Art in Georgia

    Their presence was sudden.
  • YAWP

    I long to move closer
  • Yellowphant and Don’t Forget

    The circus so yellow and red stands on two feet,
  • Yes

    Yes, all things of water and our days rounded with light, yes,